If you're going to take privacy seriously, you need to sign up for a VPN service today. What is a VPN? VPN stands forvirtual private network, which is an encrypted, secure, tunnel between your device and a VPN server somewhere in the world. With most VPN services you can select which country you wish to tunnel through, giving you added anomonymity and often times helpign you even circumvent location restrictions.

Why is this important? Well, for some, it's their only way to connect to websites when their local governments have blocked access. For others, it's because we don't think our ISPs need to know everything about how we use the web, or we don't want our internet throttled.

When choosing a VPN, be sure to note the companies location and that countries privacy laws. Some of the services listed below are US based and for most users, this isn't an issue. Yet for some, it is, and they should choose a service outside of the US and countries like it.

Product Description Price
Mullvad Based out of Sweden with blazingly fast servers all over the world. Their token based account system is one of the most secure and anonymous VPN services on the market. $5/mo
IPVanish Popular VPN service, especially among the Amazon Firestick crowd. Great speed and easy to use. Based in the US. $6.49/mo for the 1-year plan
NordVPN Popular VPN service based out of Panama. Feature rich, fast, and really affordable. $6.99/mo for the 1-year plan
ProtonVPN Makers of ProtonMail, which is created by scientists from CERN. Fast servers. Free - $24/mo
Express VPN One of the larger VPN providers known for great connection speeds and servers all around the globe. $6.67/mo
F-Secure Freedome F-Secure offers a quality VPN service that keeps no logs. 59.99/yr
Tunnel Bear Popular US based VPN service with lots of fast servers. Based in the US, but still a solid service. Free - $9.99/mo


Replace your default settings so your ISP can’t track and sell your data.

Name Description Price A project by CloudFare that makes updating your DNS easy. Free
OpenNic Lots of options for slightly more advanced users looking to update their DNS Free
Quad9 Easy to use, non-profit based DNS project. Free