Cloud Storage & Sharing

Cloud Storage

Dropbox is nice, Google Drive is fast, and Microsoft OneDrive is a great all-in-one solution, except they don't take your privacy all that seriously. There are also even better solutions out there, from self-hosted to third-part, you can find solutions that give you all the storage you need that fits into your budget.


Name Description Price
Nextcloud This is the top option for those more interested in self-hosting their cloud files. While some services do offer NextCloud as a subscription, I highly recommended going the self-hosted route with this. Free - Enterprise
ownCloud The original cloud service that actually spawned NextCloud. Arguably less feature rich and less developed than NextCloud, still a great product used by many. Free - Enterprise


Name Description Price
Tresorit If you're not able to self-host, I can't think of a better solution than Tresorit. Well priced and feature rich, this will make you forget about Dropbox the first time you open it. $12+/mo
pCloud A Switzerland based clould storage company with zero-knowledge encryption. This is a great cross-platform solution for replacing Dropbox. Free - $7.99/mo
SpiderOak One Secure, encrypted, zero-knowledge cloud file storage. Cross platform and easy to use. This is a great solution for backing up your files, but does not work as a great solution for a Dropbox replacement as the mobile app lacks features. $5+/mo

File Sharing

Name Description Price
OnionShare File sharing using the Tor network. The best way to share files that require the utmost protection and security. Free
WeTransfer Quick, simple, private file transfers up to 2GB. An easy and secure way to share files between friends and colleagues. Free