Privacy Policy

This website ( does not use Google Analytics or any user tracking software. The less we know about you, the better. When you leave RealPrivacy via our links, we cannot totally vouche for the tracking or cookies used by sites we recommend, however if you use the browser plugins we recommend, you help reduce what they can track. In most cases, they care deeply about privacy as well and don’t use invasive tracking software.

Affiliate Link Policy:

You have a choice in using an affiliate link.

Some links on this site are part of affiliate programs for the products recommended. This is only utilized when a product we recommend has an affiliate program and does not factor into the decision making process for adding products to the site. We do not track or store information generated by affiliate signups.

When affiliate links are in use, they will be clearly marked in the form. If “Yes” is listed on the form, it will be a clickable link that does not utilize the affiliate link.

Affiliate links, when available, offer us a modest way to cover basic hosting, design, or other needs to keep this site running and to also invest in testing other products.

We do our best to ensure that these affiliates are not tracking/logging information that hampers your privacy. If we discover an affiliate is violating this trust we will remove affiliate links and products from our site.

This policy was created on May 8, 2018 and was last updated on January 6, 2018. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly here:

December 15, 2018 Update: This policy update was for the remove of the text about Matomo, the Google Analytics replacement tracker. We originally used Matomo anonymously track user information. While this information can be valuable to helping promote and enhance the user experience, Matomo made some decisions around the software that made us question their devotion to user privacy. As a result, we decided to remove the software from our servers and destroy all database information along with it.