We all text our friends and family all day. We even text our coworkers. Do you like the idea that you may be sending companies your personal information and letting them store your messages with little-to-no security or privacy? Apple's iMessages are encrypted, but are stored in the US, Facebook Messanger is owned by one of the largest corporations known for their invasion of your privacy and they also own WhatsApp. What alternatives are there? Well, there are a lot, and some of them are really good!

Text / Chat

Product Description Price
Signal Easily the most popular encrypted chat app out there with the strongest user base. Cross-platform and easy to use. Free
Wire One of the most beautiful chat apps out there with great group/team chat options. Free - $5/mo
Riot One of the top up and comers. Keep an eye on this one. Free
Ring One of the closest Skype replacements out there. Encrypted text and video chats. Great for podcasters. Free

Team Chat / Office Collabortion

Product Description Price
Peerio Team chat and collorbartion with privacy in mind. Excellent Slack replacement. Free - $9.99/mo
Rocket.Chat A self-hosted team chat solution for those who want to keep files and conversations safely on their own servers. Free