Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft are not the only email games in town. They just want you to think that so that they can have more access to your data. Yahoo has recently said they can read your emails, Google, while saying they don't do it, have access to read your emails. There are much better, private, and encrypted options out there. Stop letting corporations profit off the emails you send to colleagues and family members.

Product Description Price
ProtonMail ProtonMail is the top privacy based email service on the planet. Accounts range from free to paid accounts that support custom domains. Check your email in your browser, on your mobile device, or in your client of choice (Windows/Mac) using their new bridge platform. Free - $24/mo
Tutanota Great new web based email platform. Mobile apps seem a bit outdated and run a little slow, however, updates should be coming soon for those, per the Tutanota team, and for us, not a dealbreaker. Free - $12/yr
Soverin Soverin is by far one of the easiest to use and versatile email providers out there. You can use their web system or your email client of choice. They take privacy very seriously, do not track, they serve no ads, and you're not locked in with them like many other providers. For a low monthly price you get 25GB of storage, a personal profile page, plus secure contacts and calendar. $4
Mailfence This is another highly recommended option that offers both free and paid accounts (that include custom domains), and what sets Mailfence apart is the fact they offer secure POP3 and IMAP. They even have a few added features such as calendars, documents, and the ability to securely check third party accounts right inside their webmail. Free - $9/mo
Posteo If you're not concerned with custom domains and simply want a privacy based email service that even strives to be green along the way, Posteo is a great choice. Low price, 2GB of data storage, and a calendar service. It's tough to beat. Based in Germany. $14/yr Based in Germany, offers a great selection of professional email accounts that support custom domains and offers many useful tools for business professionals. $2 - $6/mo